STAS is the place to be for beautiful, high-quality picture hanging systems sold according to the one-stop-shopping principle: everything under one roof. This entails expert advice from our professional sales employees, fast quotations, a measuring service, delivery of the complete system and professional installation. Moreover, we value service very highly, we are only satisfied when you are!

Do you have any questions and/or comments, please feel free to send us an e-mail:

The people at your service

For a tailored recommendation, you can contact one of our project consultants. They can give you advice on the products that best suit your space(s) and budget. Please, contact them via

If necessary, our consultation can take place on location. We can then get an immediate impression of the magnitude of the project, the applied wall- and ceiling types and potential made-to-measure solutions. Following this visit, we can provide a quotation.

Did you already decide on the systems you wish to order? In that case, please contact us at and we will make sure that your quotation or your order will be processed neatly and swiftly.

“Our consultations are free of charge and without any obligations. ”

Quotations and pricing

The final price tag will depend on multiple factors. Please feel free to request a quotation at our sales department. We might just pleasantly surprise you!

Request a quotation or sample now!

Installation service

STAS has an in-house installation service. Our professional service men have in-depth knowledge
of the systems and have extensive experience working with diverse wall- and ceiling types.

After sales service

Of course, we will still be at your disposal after installation has been completed. So, do you have
any more questions or do you want to place an additional order? You know where to find us.

Sustainable building management

STAS hanging systems can be mounted on all wall and ceiling types. Once the rail is installed, no
more drilling is ever necessary. Neither will walls get damaged, no matter how often your displays are rearranged.

In short: picture hanging systems are a durable solution that will last a lifetime and contribute to
sustainable building management by keeping walls intact.

More information?

Want to know more? Questions? Comments? Please feel free to call one of our employees at
phone number +31 (0) 40 – 292 4848 (free of obligations). Or find your local STAS contact via our international portal.


What our clients say

  • "The advantage in nursing homes is that drill holes don’t need to be mended and rooms don’t need to be repapered. Rooms are ready very quickly for new occupancy.”

    Hans van der Meulen | The Netherlands

  • “I am very happy with how easy it was to install the system, how streamlined it looks and the incredible flexibility it gives me to hang and display my most valued art collection.”

    Customer online store | USA

  • “This morning we put the finishing touches to mounting the rails in our church. We would like to thank you for the great cooperation, the pleasant communication and the exquisite finish of the assembly.”

    Liam Jones | United Kingdom

  • “We love the way we can rearrange the art on our walls in the blink of an eye. And it looks classy too.”

    Peggy Hart | USA

  • “We love how easy it is to add and move art around using this system. Visually, the rail and cords are very unobtrusive, and the system has been great to use with plaster walls.”

    Customer online store | USA

  • “The rails blend in with our interior. We can’t believe we’ve ever done without.”

    Jim Peaches | USA